Our Capabilities



Expert fabrication and welding solutions

Be privy to a range of welding solutions fuelled by highly-skilled professionals from Vision One. Our team of expertly trained welding professionals fabricate any kind of compatible materials into precisely-welded components

Here, we only use the best solutions for quality welding, which means reliable experts with their trusted welding equipment. Our round-the-clock operations further ensure that we deliver at efficient turnaround times.

Saving time and costs with robotic welding

With robotic welding, we maintain the quality and speed of repeatedly-welded products. This saves us costs and maximises throughput and efficiency as we focus on more critical workloads.

Robotic welders have become a dependable solution for us here at Vision One, all thanks to their unparalleled capability, consistency and quality.

Our Welding Capabilities

• MIG welding
• TIG welding
• Spot welding
• Stud welding
• Projection welding
• Robotic welding
• Semi-automatic TIG with cold wire feed for welding aluminium tube
• Development of jigs & fixtures to ensure repeatable quality
• Welding Approvals to BS EN ISO15614
• Welding Visual Inspection to CSWIP 3.0
• Internal Welding Coordinator to CSWIP 3.1