Our Capabilities


An excellent finishing touch

We expertly advise and paint a vast range of products, perfectly executed by a team of professionals with best-in-class knowledge, experience and attention to detail. Things that make all the difference in achieving your requirements.

Our painting and coating solutions suit a wide variety of industrial components. Regardless of complexity, we pride ourselves on having the right solution for any kind of application. Explore a broad range of coating options and find the proper coating treatment for your project here at Vision One.

Our Painting Capabilities

• Conventional Spray
• Airless Spray
• LVLP Spray
• Enamels
• Acrylics
• Polyurethane
• 2K Automotive Paints
• Acid Catalysed Acrylics
• Single Pack Epoxies
• 2-Pack Epoxies
• Nitrocellulose Lacquers